Teacher Recognition program is designed to shine a light on teachers who bring gifted and talented elements into the classroom. Please tell us about a teacher who has had a 'big picture' impact on your child. This teacher did more than just provide students with a challenge in the classroom, they included the traits of inspiration, humor, motivation, understanding, assessment and follow through into each of their lessons.

This teacher might be intriguing, thus, inspiring their students to ask more questions. Or, this might be the teacher who provides multiple options for students when presenting assignments/assessments/projects. Outstanding teachers use tiered or compacted assignments which allows students to focus on skills at different levels of complexity and abstraction based on individual needs.

We are looking for that teacher who really understands the gifted learner and the culture of the classroom. If you know of a teacher who fits any of these descriptions, please nominate that teacher for the SAGT Teacher Recognition Program by contacting us at  info@southlakegifted.org

In your nomination please include the following information: teacher name/grade, campus, reason for nomination, and if you wish to remain anonymous. Thank you so much for helping SAGT honor our outstanding teachers!

Recent Teacher Recognition Honorees
  • May 2016 - Congratulations to Dawson Middle School GTLA teachers Ms. Ginny Wenger and Ms. Christin Kelber, for winning the SAGT Teacher Recognition Award! They are recognized for introducing Growth Mindset strategies in their classrooms and helping students apply those concepts into their Passion Projects. Thank you both for teaching our dragons about perseverance and resilience (and thank you to Mr. Wilson for hiring such talent!)
  • September 2015 - SAGT would like to extend a warm thank you to Melissa Bailey for her amazing leadership as the summer Director of the Southlake Camp Invention.
  • May 2015 – Mrs. Clarrissimeaux teaches 4th grade at Walnut Grove Elementary School, and I would like to nominate her for the Teacher Recognition award. Mrs. Cx shows an enthusiasm for learning and encourages each child to "dig deeper" when reading and writing. She has a loving attitude and is funny with the kids while engaging them in the lessons. The children write often, and Mrs. Cx spends a great deal of time giving feedback to each child on what he or she needs to work on to become a better writer. She gives each child the option of writing, illustrating, and publishing a book, and challenges each child to redefine their personal best with each writing task. She encourages her students to ask questions and pay special attention to detail, whether it be in the book they are reading or the writing assignment they are completing. She has been the best teacher my three oldest children have ever had.  

  1. 2016 Teacher Recognition Honorees
    2016 Teacher Recognition Honorees
  • January 2015 - Becca Calvert, Eubanks Intermediate 5th grade teacher, was nominated by a parent for bringing her child back to loving math class again! Ms. Calvert practices in-class cluster groups with various instructional strategies. On a recent math project the students were given three options to choose from to demonstrate their mastery of multiplying and dividing decimals. Their choices were 1) Create power point slides, 2) Activity using QR codes, or 3) Create a brochure. Thank you Ms. Calvert for providing our dragons choice and differentiation in their lessons!


TAGT has an award program to honor and recognize outstanding individuals and groups that have demonstrated a commitment to the gifted community in Texas. The awards are presented in recognition of service, contribution and commitment to gifted education.

The four state award categories are: Educator of the Gifted, Administrator of the Gifted, Advocate of the Gifted, and Parent Group of the Gifted.  

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