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Stress Management Workshop at FlyKids Yoga
Grades 4th-8th
Sunday, Sept 24th 1:30-3:00pm
Wear comfortable clothing
Payment $10.00/participant


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It is time once again to JOIN SAGT (or RENEW your membership from last year) for the 2017-18 school year! Join or renew before Sept. 30th to be included in the SAGT Membership Contest which will award GT teachers with funds for use in the classroom! 
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Upcoming SAGT Social Gatherings
SAGT Campus Liaisons organize social gatherings at each CISD campus so that parents and students can connect in support of our GT program. Please plan to attend the SAGT Social for your campus to learn more about this booster club and to network with others in the GT community. For more information, CLICK HERE .

Upcoming Student Programs:
SAGT Members will have a chance to explore the wonders of flight at theAmerican Airlines CR Smith Museum in Ft Worth! Mark your calendars for this event on Saturday, Nov. 4th
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SAGT has official Dragon Rubik's Cubes for sale! 
This one is more challenging than a traditional cube because of the two logos. Please bring $20 cash or check to any of our events.
21st - Durham Social 
8:15am DIS PTO Room

21st - Old Union Social
3:00pm Yogurtland

24th - Stress Management Workshop
FlyKids Yoga 1:30pm

27th - Carroll Middle Social
12:45 CMS

30th - Membership Contest

4th - Eubanks & Dawson Social
10:30am Central Market Cafe

6th - Board Meeting
6th - Johnson Social
9:00am Central Market Cafe

12th - CES, RES & WGES Social
7:30am Central Market Cafe

17th - CHS & CSHS Social
Time & Location TBD

27th - Stargazing with SAGT
JES Observatory

3rd - Board Meeting

4th - Museum of Flight Student Program
9:00am CR Smith Museum

Einstein Level:
Tom & Sarah Burdi Family
Michaelann Bush Family
Sanjayanth Chamakura Family
Lori Davidson Family
David & Yolanda De Fazio Family
Diana DiCesare Family
Danielle Farrand Family
Mark & Lisa Fraga Family
Leslie & Bill Guess Family
Anissa Haack Family
Jessica Heintz Family
Alex & AC Hoffmann Family
Hank & Brenda Kleespies Family
Cathy & Ed Kolto Family
Mylinh LeNguyen Family
Bruno & Flor Longarini Family
Jenny Liu & George Louros Family
Stef Mauler Family
Audra McCormick Family
Michelle & Brandon Moore Family
Shawna Ogletree Family
Alyce Ohser Family
Michelle Platt Family
Sridhar & Harshi Reddy Family
Kim & Jared Richardson Family
Carrie Sanders Family
Ashoke Sathy Family
Lynn & Brian Shelton-Hay Family
George Stelling Family
Chris & Jane Strobel Family
Angie Tade Family

Socrates Level:
Cathy & Todd Ammermann Family
Johanan Basser Family
Diana Batiz Family
Claudine & Burton Boeck Family
Kathleen Coburn Family
Tracie Davis Family
Nancy Dockal Family
Paige Green Family
Shannon Hall Family
Soo Nee Hong Family
Jennifer Millimet Family
Randy & Tobin Osterberg Family
Emily Roberts Family
Ken & Lauren Scherp Family
Neil Singhania Family
Melissa Smith Family
Bridget Sweeney Family
Sonya Tang Family
Carol Thiel Family
Hal Ungar Family
Jason & Amy Werth Family

Da Vinci Level:
Claudia Leong Family
Aneet Sareen Family
Manu Shahi Family