7th - Board Meeting 11:30am
8th - Study Skills Seminar

         for  6th-8th graders    
24th - Membership Coffee   

            and Guest Speaker   

12th - Board Meeting


2nd - Board Meeting 11:30am

No Board Meeting

11th - Board Meeting 11:30am

1st - Board Meeting 11:30am

1st - Board Meeting 11:30am

5th - Board Meeting 11:30am

3rd - Board Meeting 11:30am

SAGT’s Annual Membership Drive & Coffee with Guest Speakers

Monday, Sept 24th
CISD Admin Building • 2400 N Carroll
Lonesome Dove Room
Free to SAGT Members, $15 for non-members
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Guest Speakers:

Gina Peddy, CISD Exec Dir of Curriculum and Instruction
Gina Peddy is one of the reasons we join SAGT. She is a wealth of CISD knowledge and has the best interests of our GT kiddos at heart. Whenever Mrs. Peddy speaks, we learn. Thank you, Gina - you’re the best!

Tracy Weinberg, GT Specialist
Along with serving as the Associate Director for the Texas Association for Gifted and Talented, Tracy Weinberg is a renowned GT expert and sought-after speaker. He serves on the Board of ACE Academy and is affiliated with Lone Star Leadership Academy. Mr. Weinberg is also an accomplished blued singer and songwriter. He combines humor with experience and insight. You won’t want to miss Tracy.

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Study Skills Seminar
SAGT Members Only Student Program for 6th-8th Graders

Saturday, Sept 8
Carroll Middle School 

Our own Leslie Elkins, JES GT teacher, will once again lead 6th-8th graders through study strategies - and then participants will see Mrs. Elkins’ strategies in action when a 9th Grade Student Panel describes what the middle school years were like, what worked for them and take questions.

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2018-19 Membership Contest

Support your child’s GT classroom by joining SAGT! Our annual Membership Contest awards the CISD Elementary GT teacher and the Intermediate GT team who has the highest percentage of SAGT memberships with an Amazon gift card to be applied directly to GT resources in their classrooms. Please join or renew your SAGT Membership early in the school year to be counted toward possibly winning funds that could directly impact your child’s GT classroom! The Annual SAGT Membership Contest counts all new and renewed memberships up until September 30th.

Congratulations to… US!

SAGT has been named the 2017 TAGT Parent Group of the Gifted! The Texas Association for Gifted & Talented (TAGT), supports education and advocacy for the GT population state-wide. The annual TAGT Parent Group of the Gifted Award is presented to one parent group in the state that has demonstrated exceptional efforts to support the advancement of gifted students. The winner receives a $1,000 cash award and one designee is provided with a 2-day hotel stay and registration for the giftED 2017 Conference in Houston.   

We are honored to have been enthusiastically nominated by Gina Peddy, CISD Executive Dir. of Curriculum & Instruction, and by GT teachers across the district. Thank you for taking the time to nominate SAGT for this award! We definitely feel love and support from CISD faculty & staff!
This award would not have been possible without the participation, dues, and donations from our dedicated members - or without the amazing hard work of our SAGT Board Members! Thank you ALL so much!

Once nominated, SAGT completed an involved application process to be considered for this award. For a glimpse into why SAGT won this award, please read the amazing  Teacher Recommendation Letter from Leslie Elkins , JES Quest teacher, that was part of the application process.
And, read the precious  Student Recommendation Letter from 8th graders, Denver Bush and Alfred Hale , also part of our application. 
Please CLICK HERE for more info about TAGT’s award winners.

SAGT has official Dragon Rubik's Cubes for sale! 
This one is more challenging than a traditional cube because of the two logos. Please bring $20 cash or check to any of our events.

Einstein Level:

Da Vinci Level:

Socrates Level: