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SAGT's Largest Grant Disbursement EVER 
At the December 4th CISD School Board meeting, SAGT, along with many GT teachers and Gina Peddy, CISD Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Advanced Academics, G/T & LOTE, presented a check in the amount of $17,222 to the school board.  
This year SAGT awarded 15 teacher grants, totaling $13,442. This is the largest Grant disbursement in the history of SAGT. These funds directly enhance, enrich and contribute to the creative instruction our GT students. We also funded 14 CISD teachers’ attendance at the 2017 TAGT (Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented) conference in Houston. This conference provided continuing education and new, creative ideas for GT instruction. Teachers returned charged and refreshed! 
Thank you so much to the SAGT Grant Committee, Alyce Ohser and Lisa Fraga, for their many hours of collecting grant requests, reviewing the requests and disbursing funds. This amazing contribution to the CISD GT program would not have been possible without the generous dues and donations of SAGT Members. Thank you so much for your financial support. You have made a true difference in the lives of our children by enhancing their appropriate education. 

Escape-the-Bus with SAGT

Saturday * Feb 17th
Time slots throughout the day 
 8am to 5pm * Rain or Shine 
CISD Admin Bldg * 2400 N Carroll
Travis Allen's Keynote Speech 
GT Teachers who have been to the TAGT conference say this is the speaker you will NOT want to miss!
Escape-the-Bus Full Experience 
Escape-the-Bus is a mobile technology-based Escape Room on a bus! The bus experience is students only, grades 5-12.  
Escape-the-Bus-in-a-Box Worksho
Explore the concepts of the Escape-the-Bus experience as a workshop. You will work as a team to solve problems. Workshop is for parent(s) and teachers. 
Choose from these options:
  • 1 hour experience: $55  
Parent(s) hear Travis Allen Keynote WHILEone (1) Student participates in full Escape-the-Bus experience PLEASE NOTE: each additional student(s) who wishes to Escape-the-Bus will pay an additional $55 fee.
  • 2 hour experience: $55
Parent(s) and one (1) Student hear the Travis Allen Keynote together AND, Parent(s) participate in the Escape-the-Bus-in-a-Box Workshop WHILE one (1) Student participates in the full Escape-the-Bus experience. 
PLEASE NOTE: each additional student(s) who wishes to attempt to Escape-the-Bus will pay an additional $55 fee - escaping the actual Bus is for students only, the Workshop is for parent(s).
  • Keynote Only, Family Pass: $30
Parent(s) and one (1) Student.  $30 in advance, $40 at the door.  NO Bus or Workshop, just the Travis Allen Keynote.
Educator options:  
Please reply to this email to request your complimentary CISD Educator Passwordto register. CISD employed Educators may attend the Travis Allen Keynote, and/or, participate in the Escape-the-Bus-in-a-Box Workshop. Escaping the actual Bus is for students only. 

Register Here
  1. Managing Director
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Congratulations to… US!

SAGT has been named the 2017 TAGT Parent Group of the Gifted! The Texas Association for Gifted & Talented (TAGT), supports education and advocacy for the GT population state-wide. The annual TAGT Parent Group of the Gifted Award is presented to one parent group in the state that has demonstrated exceptional efforts to support the advancement of gifted students. The winner receives a $1,000 cash award and one designee is provided with a 2-day hotel stay and registration for the giftED 2017 Conference in Houston.   
We are honored to have been enthusiastically nominated by Gina Peddy, CISD Executive Dir. of Curriculum & Instruction, and by GT teachers across the district. Thank you for taking the time to nominate SAGT for this award! We definitely feel love and support from CISD faculty & staff!
This award would not have been possible without the participation, dues and donations from our dedicated members - or without the amazing hard work of our SAGT Board Members! Thank you ALL so much!

And, read the precious  Student Recommendation Letter from 8th graders, Denver Bush and Alfred Hale , also part of our application. 
Once nominated, SAGT completed an involved application process to be considered for this award. For a glimpse into why SAGT won this award, please read the amazing  Teacher Recommendation Letter from Leslie Elkins , JES Quest teacher, that was part of the application process.
Please CLICK HERE for more info about TAGT’s award winners.

Upcoming Members-Only Parent Programs:
Check back after the holidays for a schedule of our Spring 2018 Parent Programs.

Student Programs:
SAGT Members explored the wonders of flight at the American Airlines CR Smith Museum in Ft. Worth on Saturday, Nov. 4th. Please check back after the holidays for a schedule of our Spring 2018 Student Programs.

SAGT has official Dragon Rubik's Cubes for sale! 
This one is more challenging than a traditional cube because of the two logos. Please bring $20 cash or check to any of our events.

Einstein Level:
Jeff & Jennifer Blanchard Family
Robin Bulatao Family
Tom & Sarah Burdi Family
Michaelann Bush Family
Sanjayanth Chamakura Family
Elizabeth Chernik Family
Gunter Daley Family
Lori Davidson Family
David & Yolanda De Fazio Family
Diana DiCesare Family
Danielle Farrand Family
Mark & Lisa Fraga Family
David & Joanna Ganiear Family
Leslie & Bill Guess Family
Anissa Haack Family
Jessica Heintz Family
Alex & AC Hoffmann Family
Rina Jariwala Family
Smitha & Suresh Kankanala Family
Hank & Brenda Kleespies Family
Cathy & Ed Kolto Family
Mallika Kuruba Family
Mylinh LeNguyen Family
Robert & Cyril Lim Family
Bruno & Flor Longarini Family
Jenny Liu & George Louros Family
Kelly Lyman Family
Stef Mauler Family
Audra McCormick Family
Michelle & Brandon Moore Family
Shawna Ogletree Family
Alyce Ohser Family
Lauren Pham Family
Michelle Platt Family
Sridhar & Harshi Reddy Family
Martin Reinke Family
Kim & Jared Richardson Family
Carrie Sanders Family
Ashoke Sathy Family
Karin & Brian Scruggs Family
Lynn & Brian Shelton-Hay/Hay Family
George Stelling Family
Chris & Jane Strobel Family
Angie Tade Family
Giac & Khanh Vu Family

Da Vinci Level:
Sue Dang Family
Susan & Ken Heymann Family
Claudia Leong Family
Bree McCaffrey Family
Michael & Jennifer Riordan Family
Aneet Sareen Family
Manu Shahi Family

Socrates Level:
Cathy & Todd Ammermann Family
Sara Amos Family
Johanan Basser Family
Diana Batiz Family
Ame Beanland Family
Bob & Keira Beauvais Family
Jennifer Booher Family
David & Erin Bradford Family
Claudine & Burton Boeck Family
Jennifer Brock Family
Siew-Lee Chin Family
Kathleen Coburn Family
Tracie Davis Family
Nancy Dockal Family
Andy Finkelstein Family
Ginger Forst Famly
Shengli Gan Family
Paige Green Family
Brad Hall Family
Shannon Hall Family
Soo Nee Hong Family
Gary & Ronna Hunt Family
Sydni Kahle Family
Rumpreet Kaur Family
Samantha Khazzam Family
Ryan & Jessica Kirby Family
Amanda Krebs Family
William Lipsmeyer Family
Jennifer Millimet Family
Sally & Matt Morris Family
Jeanne Noon Family
Randy & Tobin Osterberg Family
John & Beverly Reynal Family
Emily Roberts Family
Ken & Lauren Scherp Family
Neil Singhania Family
Melissa Smith Family
Aparna Srivatsa Family
Laurie & Mark Stafford Family
Kim & James Stitzel Family
Jennifer & Charles Sutherland Family
Bridget Sweeney Family
Farnaz & Ali Tadlaoui Family
Sonya Tang Family
Carol Thiel Family
Hal Ungar Family
Jason & Amy Werth Family
Basma Yamout Family